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Why I started Serenity Soap Works

About Serenity Soap Works™

Hello! My name is Abigail Lippmann and I am so happy you have found Serenity Soap Works! Let me take you on an incredible journey, back through time.

I started Serenity Soap Works back in 2001 after seeing some of my relatives experiencing serious declines in their health. Being a massage therapist, I have always believed in alternative therapies. That is why it was so shocking to see my relatives in these situations when they had all been leading healthy life styles.

I started to rethink what healthy living was all about and realized that so much seemed to point to the problem being with the additives in the products that we use everyday. I didn't want my own children exposed to this so I started putting together all natural soap products and sharing them with my family. Everyone loved them so much that I decided to expand the soap scents as well as adding Scent "sations", lotions and other amazing products!

It is with great pride and confidence that we offer these products to you, to share in the benefits that healthy, natural products can bring! As a company, we believe very strongly in everything we sell and know that after you have tried them, you will come to love and rely on them as much as we do! Give them a try and see how Serenity Soap Works™ can work for you!