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What Customers are saying About Serenity Soap Works Products

Your soap is amazing! I got one for us. Made my hands feel really soft after using. I hope to get the same reaction from those I'm gifting to.
- Jan
I love your soap - It does not bother my sensitive skin!
- Luann
By the way this stuff is amazing for eczema! My sons is already almost clear! He has really sensitive skin with his blue eyes and blond hair so he breaks out or says owe with most lotions when he had break outs but was happy and slept well with the lavender!
- Kelsey
We had approximately 90 ladies who attended the tea this year - and they were all thrilled to get your wonderful soap as a favor.
- Judy
Hi, Abby, just got my order I'm delighted! The Clothesline ScentSation is wonderful and your tip about keeping the hydrating mist in the fridge is a good one-super refreshing. Thanks for the soap sample as well!
- Ruth M.
I want to thank you for providing natural products that really work. The Mint lotion is my favorite along with the chap stick and soap. I also purchased the Raw honey and the taste is out of this world. Thank you again, I'm looking forward to trying all your products.
- Sue
Abby, I just want to let you know that after a week of using your soaps, my daughter's skin has completely cleared up and she enjoys her bathtime once again. The store-bought 'tear-free' soaps really bothered her, and the over the counter 'natural soaps' gave her terrible rashes. Thanks for offering such a nice product; especially for kids. I certainly will be back!
- Michelle
I suffer from psoriasis and have tried MANY different remedies. I have been using Abby's soap for 6 months and it has kept my skin under control even in the winter when my skin tends to be worse. I am so grateful to have found something that feels good. does good, and smells good! Thank you Abby!
- Leanne P.
I am a lip balm addict! I would carry 2-3 in my purse at all times. I tried many brands and they just didn't work nearly as well as Serenity Soap Works lip balm. It's a must have for me! It's the best and the only kind I use now. It keeps my lips silky soft.
- Therese T.
I have been using the Bug Spray for months now and have had very, very few mosquito bites even tho I see them swarming around me in the garden. It has a wonderful scent and I feel much better using a natural product rather than the Deet. It has been a great find!
- Randi
I would like to say that I am so very happy with your soap products because they are made from natural ingredients and herbs. The calendula soap is so soothing to my skin but I know this about calendula because I grow herbs and use them on our farm. The Luxurious Lavender is another favorite, because it's fragrance is so relaxing and refreshing. The gardeners soap is a must have at our house. It makes our hands clean and replenishes the moisture after a day in the garden. I can't think of anything better in a soap than the vitamins from the milk, the benefits from olive oil and the healing from herbs that makes it a beautiful product.
- Marge K.
I have found what I've been looking for in a natural stain remover. The stain stick from Serenity-soap works is the best stain remover I have found. In my house, we have a lot of dirt and food stains and just a rub on to the stain and into the washing machine and the stain is gone. I love it!
- Marge K.
Using the goat's milk soap from Serenity Soap Works, LLC makes my hands super soft. The scents are wonderful! My daughter is addicted to the lip balm since it is the only thing that makes her lips not crack and burn. She has used other commercial products and none of them work as well as the Serenity lip balm.
- Sandra C.
I LOVE the lotion! Thank you so much!
- C. Arendt IL